FEEL The Vibe, LIVE The Moment

KKLIVE is a leading Asian live entertainment company based in Taiwan. We are a highly passionate and experienced team dedicated to creating a one stop seamless service for clients looking to create the most vibrant live music experiences. We offer a range of fully integrated live entertainment solutions from conceptualization, brand development, production, ticketing, merchandising to venue operations.


We focus on content creation, event production, event distribution and brand marketing. And we offer diversified creative content, and bring entertainment and atistic/cultural activities to mandarin-speaking regions around the world, building one-of-a-kind values.


KKTIX is Taiwan’s leading mobile ticketing service, not only offering convenient and frictionless ticketing solutions, but also acting as the very first one-stop streaming platform in Taiwan. KKTIX provides artists the environment without the constrains of time and space, and enriches your daily life with high-quality events and activities.


With over a decade’s experiences in live shows, we intergrate professional teams and abundant resources to provide B2B services such as event operations and management. We currently manage and operate Backstage Café (Taipei) and Backstage Live (Kaohsiung) and are expecting to annouce more venues in the near future.


KKLIVE has been operating an agency and managing artists since 2020, and is currently collaborating with the prominent mandarin-speaking rock band 831 on the lable “We Rock Creative.” KKLIVE also collaborated with the music producer/ band leader of Magic Power, Nice Guy, on the lable “INGO Entertainment.”

KKLIVE has been looking for talented creators of the next generation, and its mission is to introduce and expand the influence of mandarin pop music to the world.


KKLIVE has been dedicated to building diversified and high-quality content, provding performers and creators production and overseas distribution services. So far KKLIVE has executed hundreds of events and will continuously move forward with its passion and profession.

KKLIVE is based in Taipei and Hong Kong, and has set its foot in Asian cities in China, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, etc.